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Freitag, 13. Juli 2012, 15:38

Starting from August 2012: Changes regarding our Dropshipping Service (DS)

In order to extend and improve our dropshipping service we are going to undertake a number of changes which will latest come into operation on 01 August 2012.

1. Each dropshipping order will – starting from 01 August – be binding, which includes that we will process and carry out the order immediately. Reservations within our dropshipping area will not be possible any longer. Please take necessary preparations for adopting your used payment methods, in case you are sending products to customers through our company.

2. If you have chosen the shipping method ‘dropshipping’, you will see the following new field to fill out, which will be obligatory, in the section ‘Dropshipping Delivery Address’:
Make sure that you always choose the right delivery country. Otherwise, problems with the shipping may occur in the future.
For international orders we need a ‘delivery contact phone number’ from you customer. This information is obligatory as we have had some problems in the past, because if FEDex cannot reach your customer by phone, the shipment will come back to us, and a cost of 30 Euro would be billed for the returning item. We would then have to invoice you to cover this cost. To avoid complications and high costs, we will no longer carry out dropshipping orders to any country outside Germany, without having received a phone number from the recipient.

3. Latest from 01 August 2012 we will enclose a delivery note to each dropshipping shipment. This delivery note will have a small product picture, a short description as well as the delivery amount – without any price indication. As the sender’s address, your data will be used and transferred directly from our shop data base. The dropshipping delivery address will be derived from your entered data of the DS order. Please make sure that you enter entirely correct information. In the following pdf files you can view a sample of a delivery note, as we will attach it, as a hard copy, to the shipment:
Beginning from August 2012, you will also be able to enter additional information such as ‘order number’ or ‘date of order’ on the dropshipping delivery note.

4. Deriving from point 3, it will be necessary that you yourself are 100% responsible for sending invoices as well as your own terms and conditions to your customers. Sending dropshipping customer invoices and your general terms and conditions to our delivery center will thereby become superfluous and will not be needed anymore. From 01 August, we will stop processing and not consider emails that concern this exact matter.

5. Another change concerns the calculation of the German VAT for international orders. It will also be charged for orders from international customers with a valid VAT-ID.Find more information here...

Furthermore it is important for German retailers to bear in mind, that we only proceed with a dropshipping order if the payment method between you and us is agreed upon and confirmed. For this we need to have received the signed form from your bank from you.

We hope that we can keep our current prices steady and resistant during 2012 (Germany 4 Euro, International 8 Euro, insured, excl. VAT), by introducing these adaptations, and we also hope that it will not cause too much difficulties or inconvenience for you.

For further queries or questions about these changes, we are of course available for you.