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Samstag, 18. April 2015, 10:38

Expanded shipping options (18.04.2015)

As of today, we have extended the possible shipping options in your shopping cart. Basically, you can now choose the carrier that best suits your need; speed, price, tracking, services. To do this, simply select the carrier during checkout. In order to continue to automatically ship each item insured, available shipping options only are displayed depending on the net order value. Below you can find a short overview. B2B Shipping Options: * DHL insured (also for services) = 4.00 EUR (free House from 100.00 EUR value of goods) * DHL Express assured plus. 8.00 EUR * DHL Value Pack max. 2,500.00 EUR, max. 3kg, max. 34x24x5cm = 28.00 EUR Drop Shipping Options: * DS Germany DHL = 4.00 EUR (6.00 EUR if net order value below 6.00 EUR) * DS Germany DHL Express = 10.00 EUR * DS Deutsche Post - EU = 8.00 EUR (up to 50.00 EUR net order value, not in Germany) * DS Deutsche Post non-EU = 8.00 EUR (up to 50.00 EUR net order value) * DS FedEx - EU = 8.00 EUR (12.00 EUR if net order value below 20.00 EUR) * DS FedEx non-EU = 12.00 EUR (up to 100.00 EUR net order value) * DS DHL - EU/non-EU = 12.00 EUR (from 100.00 EUR net order value) non-EU = Tax free! More detailed information can be found in the "Services" and "Help&Infos" section. The links below will bring you there directly: Overview dropshipping ... B2B shipping instructions ... If you notice any errors in your cart, please let us know! All prices are excl. VAT (except 'non-EU').