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Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012, 12:38

Tell us your opinion! Do you prefer handmade jewellery or standard production designs?

What do you prefer nowadays? Unique handmade jewellery or standard designs that are fashionable and easy to find in many different stores? On one hand it is great to have a unique piece of jewellery that is only on you and no one else will wear it - but at the same time it is also very tempting to buy the newest fashion, that everyone wants to have at the same time. What would you prefer then? Is it nicer to be outstanding and unique or fashionable and blending with the up-to-date trends? I guess it is also a matter of price and availability and of psychological influence on what is perceived to be fashionable and pretty and what other things might be rather unique or even 'weird'. Is it the personal attachment that a designer gives to a jewellery piece, which makes you wanna buy a handmade product? Or is it the newest pictures on magazines and newspapers that raise your interest? Many different factors play a role within this topic. But how do you feel personally about it? What matters most to you when buying a jewellery piece?