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Monday, January 16th 2023, 2:23pm

Error importing the Csv-file also

How do i make this file uploadable to Shopify? - i am just quite annoyed that the default settings used in the CSV4YOU aren´t compattable...

Gives me this error:

There was an error importing your CSV file. After you fix the error, try importing the CSV file again.
  • Illegal quoting in line 2.
  • Invalid CSV Header: Missing headers: Title.

(couldn´t link the actual file in the attached files since the file size is too large)

We figured it´s because it is in Jason format, so we will convert it to csv.

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Monday, January 16th 2023, 5:13pm

As I already wrote to you via e-mail, we will look at your problem tomorrow morning.
Regards, jg